Hangover Remedy


Hanging out and sharing some cocktails with friends and loved ones is one of the great joys in my life.


New Year's Eve with Peter in Santa Monica

New Year's Eve with Peter and friends in Santa Monica. Keith Nelson, I think you deserve the photo credit here.


And while I don’t feel like I’m the kind of person who needs alcohol to loosen up and have a good time, many of my funniest memories happen to involve kegs, martinis or tequila shots — or, back in the day — mudslides, Jägermeister and other questionable booze selections.


with Monika Drake

Monika Drake and an evening of martinis


There’s just something uniquely festive about people imbibing together, getting a wee bit out of control, and then retelling the evening’s events, blow-by-blow and hungover, when you see each other the next day.

Manila nightclub

With cousin Hannah in a Manila nightclub


However, becoming a parent has definitely made an impact on my drinking conditioning. Also, I find that the more healthfully I live, the easier it is to end up hungover.

It’s now entirely possible — and more often the case — to become hungover without even experiencing much tipsiness. What years ago was classified as a few pre-function drinks now translates to the evening’s total, and I can find myself sorely hungover on far less than the one-drink-per-hour standard. Not fair, really, but I see this as a good thing in the grand scheme of things. Being in prime drinking shape is for college and your 20’s, and I’d rather be in top form in other ways these days.

Now, I’m definitely more careful about overdoing it, mostly because being a parent means you can’t spend the day sleeping off a hangover as you once did. Kids get up early, and they require breakfast, attention and playtime. And sometimes, bum wiping. It’s hard to manage all this when you’re battling an epic hangover.

So that’s why I came up with a natural hangover remedy that works wonders. This two-step regimen floods your body with nutrients, and I find it to be much more effective than ginger ale, Egg McMuffins, french fries or other common remedies that you’ll just end up regretting later. The juices require, as I’ve indicated below, an obscene amount of ginger. The resulting juices will be spicy as all get-out, but this is important. Ginger is legendary for its detoxifying properties. Cucumber and celery are included for hydration and electrolytes, and the apples and carrots provide some simple sugars for energy. I recommend drinking the green juice first, and then the carrot juice combo a little later if needed.

If your hangover is mild-to-medium, these special juices will have you bright-eyed and chipper in no time. Drink them down with some Vitamin B complex and ibuprofen or whatever else you require when you’re in this state and you’ll be golden. However, if you’re in worse shape than that, you might want to try sipping some chilled coconut water instead and then going back to sleep — no sense blowing ten bucks’ worth of produce if your stomach’s too iffy.


hangover remedy

The dynamic duo of hangover remedies


Hangover Remedy, Step One (serves two)

5 granny smith apples
6 stalks celery
1 cucumber
6 leaves kale
1 lemon (rind removed)
An obscene amount of fresh ginger — like enough to fill the palm of your hand

Rinse produce and scrub ginger. Process ingredients through your juicer, whisk and serve. Go outside and take in some deep breaths, yoga-style. Repeat this whole process in an hour or two if necessary. Avoid coffee. It’ll just dehydrate you and take you back to where you started.

Hangover Remedy, Step Two (serves two)

12 carrots
4 granny smith apples
1 cucumber
3 oranges (rind removed)
2 lemons (rind removed)
An obscene amount of fresh ginger — like enough to fill the palm of your hand
Optional: 1 habanero pepper, whole

Rinse produce and scrub ginger. Process ingredients through your juicer, whisk and serve. Go work out and then sit in the steam room, if you can manage it. If not, take a walk outside, whatever the weather. Relief is on the way, if it hasn’t arrived already.

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